Paphos Regional Board of Tourism

The Chamber of Paphos, recognizing the importance of tourism and the enormous tourism potential of Paphos and wanting to contribute to the rational development of the sector, took the initiative to create a special tourism committee. More specifically, in 1988 the Broad Tourism Committee was founded by the Chamber attended by the Municipalities of the District, and relevant state departments, tourist agencies and professional associations. The fundamental objectives of the Committee, was the promotion and establishment of Pafos as a quality tourist destination, increasing flights, upgrading the airport of Paphos and the promotion of various tourism infrastructure and development projects. The Committee was chaired by the Chairman or any other member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber.

In 2008 after the important role of the Committee was recognized from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, CTO, CCCI and all local Chambers of Cyprus, Paphos Chamber pioneered again in the establishment of the Regional Boards of Tourism (ETAP) where the Presidents or other appointed members of the Board of the Local Chambers preside. The ETAP of Paphos District, following the successful course of the Broad Tourism Committee contributes to increase tourist arrivals to Paphos and promotes Paphos internationally as a quality tourist destination. To this end the ETAP of Paphos:

• Participates in international tourism exhibitions
• Organizes special events abroad
• Hosts and informs travel agents and journalists
• Organizes meetings with tour operators, airline companies, the Hermes Airport and relevant government departments and local authorities.
• Participates on Tourism related European programs
• It produces and promotes relevant printed and electronic material.
• At the same time it takes initiatives for the implementation of major projects of Tourism Infrastructure, for solving problems of the tourism industry, for promoting the increase in flights to and from Paphos Airport
• It proceeds to other innovative measures to enrich and upgrade the tourism product of Paphos District.

The Paphos Regional Board of Tourism is currently chaired by the President of the Chamber and in its Board you can find the following local authorities and institutions that are involved in the tourist scene:

• 4 Municipalities of the District.
• The Union of Paphos Communities.
• The Communities of Kouklia, Chloraka and Neo Chorio.
• Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO).
• Cyprus Hotel Association District Committee (CHA).
• STEK (Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises).
• SIKAP (Association of the Paphos Leisure Enterprises).
• The Agrotourism Company.
• Travel Agents Association.

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Cyprus Russian Association of Pafos

The Cyprus-Russian Association of Pafos is a voluntary association of legal and other entities who are interested in Russian culture and seeking to strengthen ties between Russian speaking people, Cypriots and people of other nationalities living in Cyprus. The association was created under the auspices and works in close collaboration with the Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry where it is currently located.
Goals & Mission
• Work side by side with the local community, bridging the gap between the Russian, Cypriot and other cultures while advocating for peaceful coexistence, based on mutual respect.
• Introduce and promote the Russian culture
• Help the Russian population to become part of the Cypriot society without losing their national identity.
• Build ties and work together with organisations and institutions on the island who share our goals in order to make a meaningful contribution to the Russian and Russian-speaking population and the local community.
• Promote Cyprus and particularly Paphos in Russia and in other countries of the members’ origin.
• Promote, expand and encourage economic and trade relations between Paphos and Cyprus and ex-Soviet Union countries.
• Work on projects with a social focus which will impact positively on people/organisations with a variety of needs, depending on the association’s expertise and capacity.
• Create promotional material that reflect the Association’s goals and activities, for distribution via print and electronic media
• Create opportunities for social functions for personal communication amongst the Cypriots, the Russian and other ethnic groups in our community.
• Organise fundraising events to support the goals of the organisation and by extension help the community
• Organise educational activities, cultural exhibitions, lectures, and other related activities
• Offer advice using the knowledge and skills of the members and other specialists.

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