Presentation and Speech by the Secretary/ Director of the PCCI to the students of The International School of Paphos - Politics | Economics and the role of the Chamber of Commerce in the local economy

The Secretary / Director of the Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended the International School of Paphos to speak to high school students as part of their Professional Orientation Week. Mr. Stylianou, through his presentation and lecture to the students, developed political, economic and general issues regarding the role of the Local Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an Organization in the development of the local economy. It analysed its multifaceted and multi-dimensional role for SMEs and explained the strategic policy for the implementation of infrastructure projects in our province.

Through the dialogue, the students posed several questions that were answered on the basis of arguments and gained a better picture of studies in Finance, Economics, Political Science, Accounting and Business. In addition, the role of the Chamber in our city's activities as an institution, as an organization promoting local economy and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises for over 50 years, has been explained to students, an istitution in almost all countries of the world with similar organizational structure and action.

Press Office PCCI | 05.02.20