Meeting with Commercial Councilor of the Polish Embassy in Cyprus at PCCI Premises 4 & 5 September 2019

The Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, following a meeting with the Commercial Councilor of the Polish Embassy in Cyprus, Mr Mirosław Gojdź, in early August, assessing the opportunities discussed at the meeting regarding the possibility of expanding the export of local, agricultural and livestock products as well Mr. Gojdź will again visit our city to inform entrepreneurs about the coordinated promotion of the Services sector (hotels, catering, leisure, etc.)

He will be in Paphos on Wednesday and Thursday and will meet with Businessmen at the EBE Paphos Offices that are wishing to participate in the Business Delegation in Poznan, Poland on 30 September to 03 October. In addition to the information Mr Gojdź will provide to entrepreneurs further details in order to achieve productive meetings at the forthcoming Polagra Exhibition and on Thursday he will have the opportunity to visit on-site business, industry, winery and other SMEs for further information useful for deepening trade relations between the two countries.

The Pafos Chmaber of Commerce & Industry invites its members as well as businesses wishing to attend the meeting and thus the Business Delegation to Poland to contac the PCCI Secretariat at 26818173. For more information on airline tickets, hotels and entry tickets of the exhibition/ Trade Fare can also visit the Polagra Food, International Trade Fare for Food website at the link below: