The History of the Chamber’s Training Activity
The problems of education, training and generally all issues related to upgrading the quality of human resources, found since 1986 the center of attention of the Paphos Chamber. Through various meetings with business groups and through studies and questionnaires on business needs in relation to the direction of the sectors of economy the Paphos Chamber adapts its educational program every year, always in close cooperation with the Industrial Training Authority of Cyprus (Currently HRDA). Within this framework, it is organizing a large number of seminars covering a wide range of topics thereby meeting the needs of all layers of of the employment pyramid, contributing to the modernization of enterprises and generally in achieving their business goals.

It should be underlined that the contribution of the Industrial Training Authority of Cyprus in the organization of these seminars has been significant. The business community of the Province thanks the HRDA for the special interest shown to the Province and expresses its appreciation for the role being played by the Authority in our country’s economic development.

Certified as a Center of Vocational Training and Vocational Training Structure

The Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces its certification as a Center of Vocational Training (CVT) and Vocational Training Structure (VTS), thus continuing the strategy set in 1986 for developing the skills of business human resources.

By its certification as CVT the Chamber will continue to offer subsidized programs in cooperation with the HRDA, giving businesses and institutions of the Province the necessary skills for continuous modernization, with the ultimate goal of achieving their business goals and addressing today’s intense and competitive environment.

By its certification as VTS, the educational hall of the Chamber can be used to conduct seminars approved by the Human Resource Development Authority.

For more information please contact the Secretariat of the Chamber.